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They lay with their heads towards me, so they couldnt see what I was looking at. I peeked from time to time, noticing how Moms nipples grew firm.

My wife had a trimmed bush, but Moms pussy was shaved bare.

I moved over to one side, so that Mom had enough space to do the same.

I just sat upright, with a good view of mother and daughter.

"Youre welcome, I liked giving it", I replied sincerely. " I couldn't help myself, mom." I replied, a little embarrassed. Deep and intense, I caressed her between her thighs and went for her pussy. I found her wet slit and teased her clit with my fingertips.

"Well, your finish was very promising", she winked. "I thought so, its what you usually do with my daughter I guess." I just nodded. I looked at hershe looked quite attractive for her age. I thought that if my wife would grow old like her, I wouldnt complain.

She went up to her room to change, but she came back in a robe. I was a bit startled, but then againwhy shouldnt I be. We were swimming our lengths for a while but then we rested a bit at one end.

"Hey George, that was a wonderful massage you gave me this afternoon", she said. I pushed the tip of my tongue between her lips and flicked it over her clit.

Im not sure, but I caught Mom sometimes stealing a furtive glance between my legs. I started in safe mode, massaging her shoulders and spine.

And a tingle in my groin told me that at least a big part of my body wouldnt mind giving it to her. "It must've been hard being alone for all this time" She kissed my palm.

We had gotten out of the pool and made our way to the sauna.

After this turn in the sauna we went swimming again and when we were back inside, my mother-in-law said to me "I wouldnt mind a massage too". But I grew bolder after a while my hands travelled lower and lower, massaging her butt.

And then I caressed her sides, touching the sides of her breasts with my fingertips.

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  1. Det er alt fra pædagoger til journalister, og gennemsnitsalderen er 41! Vivi og Birgit har brugt datingsiden til deres undersøgelse, og de har været i kontakt med op mod 100 kvinder, som jævnligt benytter siden.