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But this gets Wilbur in all kinds of trouble because Mister Ed won't talk to anyone else, so Carol, Wilbur's wife, thinks that Wilbur loves Mister Ed more then he loves her, because he spends so much time with Mister Ed.

Mister Ed also talks on the telephone and goes out of his barn to cause mischief, for which Wilbur gets blamed.

” So now that he’s single, and following his failed pursuit of Ashley on the last season of “The Bachelorette,” would Ames consider stepping back in front of the cameras as ABC’s next “Bachelor”?

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You might question the sanity of the TV exec who green lighted a show about a talking horse, but watching Mister Ed frustrate Wilbur to no end was fun to watch.

“We had a great time on the show and chose love over money in the competition,” Ames told reporters on Tuesday.

“We are not still dating, but we enjoyed every moment we had together.” As fans saw on Monday’s episode, after Jackie was eliminated following the “Bachelor Pad’s” group vote, Ames realized he couldn’t stay on the show without the lady he’d grown so close to.

Prior to the elimination ceremony and Ames hitching a ride in the limo with Jackie, fellow contestant Gia Allemand packed her bags in a tear-filled exit and quit the show. ” Gia, who was also on the conference call, told reporters and her fellow former contestants.

And while she saw Ames forfeit a shot at 0,000 for love along with the rest of America, the couple’s split was just as surprising to Gia as it was to fans. “You two just told me like there is no Santa Claus!

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