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Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden, the pair revealed just how they met and being married by the one and only Sir Ian Mc Kellen."That was supposed to be a secret, if he hadn't have let it slip on the Jonathan Ross Show," Sir Patrick told the presenters."He actually said 'I'm marrying Patrick Stewart' but the Guardian outed me a couple of years ago so that's all fine," he joked.Sunny then added: "We ordained Ian online, he's an atheist minister bless him."Despite being extremely private, the loved-up pair, who married on September 7 2013, seemed more than willing to dish the dirt on their romance."We met at a restaurant and it wasn't a 'can i join you?With Fiona sidelined for most of the episode -- the payoff of last week's bombshell cliffhanger is that she has to serve ninety days for violating her parole, at a correctional center alongside offenders who did things like, just for instance, stabbing her boyfriend's new girlfriend in the stomach because she was sure the girlfriend wasn't actually pregnant like she'd said she was but whoops she actually was -- Lip takes center stage, and he has a of balls to keep in the air.

He and fake Fiona have a nice moment where she goes along with his false impression because she's just as happy to pretend to have a dad, so of course the moment is ruined when she dies before getting her donor heart.

But then Matty finds out, dumps Seema, and invites Debbie to the dance, so she gets the last laugh. She brings all her Native American foster kids to the hospital to see the still-unconscious Frank; crawls on top of him to force him into doing his husbandly duties; and tries to wake him by prying open his eyes, screaming into his face, and encouraging the kids to do a traditional dance in the tiny shared hospital room. One of Debbie's barely pubescent friends describes Henry as "bang-tastic" while another expresses an interest in "suck[ing] him like a Slushie"; a groggy Frank takes his murky pee for a walk to the hospital cafeteria and sets the bag on a table where people are eating while he snarfs down a brownie.

The 35-year-old Vampire Diaries stud could barely keep his hands off the 26-year-old Twilight starlet, however he later shared the love with a mystery brunette woman by planting a big kiss on her cheek.

' kind of moment, it was a different moment," Sir Patrick gushed."He had been working at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is down the street from the restaurant that I'd been working in at the time," Sunny then continued."He sat at the bar and we just got talking, the rest is history."Patrick then chimed in: "I gave her my phone number and that's the only time in my life that I've ever done that, but only because she wanted to see our show in Brooklyn and it had sold out."Phillip then joked about the actor's ulterior motive, to which Patrick immediately laughed: "What do you mean motive? The pair were on the show to promote Sunny's new album, as well as Sir Patrick's new series Blunt Talk, that premieres on August 22.

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