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To fulfill the traditional campus learning component, students can attend either the West Oahu or UH Community College campuses.At the junior level, students can begin their fully distance learning education in fields such as business, social sciences, childhood education and public administration. Hawaii is slowly stepping into the online world through eight pilot programs, funded in 2013, which aimed to provide a laptop computer for every student and teacher, as well as technology integration training for instructors.Although some compatibility exists between smartphones and Laulima, the university recommends using a computer with broadband or wired internet, especially when submitting coursework.Academic and technical support for web students is available through the distance learning library.Most schools offer both traditional and online courses, but their formats, disciplines and degrees vary.Students in K-12 won’t see as many online opportunities, as the state offers only supplemental options for students in grades 6-12.Formatted into eight-week semesters, the MBA online program is designed to increase comprehension of lesson material by centering student's focus course-by-course.The program examines a sweeping view of related business practices such as finance and marketing.

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At sea level, the average summer temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Whale watching season runs from December through May, with peak whale watching months between January and early April. Pack a light, waterproof jacket for hiking or exploring the tropical rainforests of Hilo and the Hamakua Coast and warmer clothes if you plan to visit the uplands of Waimea and the higher elevations of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.University of Hawaii students living on any island can enroll in an online bachelor degree program through the West Oahu campus.To participate in this program, students must first complete two years of study through a combination of face-to-face learning and online classes as only upper-division program courses are guaranteed 100 percent web-based.Laulima allows for instructor course individualization, creating an unified web design.Military and business students can take advantage of online and distance learning programs at Hawaii Pacific University.For members of the armed forces, special programs are in place that allow students to complete courses from their military base or through online courses for more flexibility.Students pursuing a master's degree in business administration can complete HPU's MBA online program from anywhere in the world.Two blended schools, Hawaii Technology Academy and Myron B.Thompson Academy, offer some digital learning options to all high school students. Anytime of year is a good time to visit Hawaii Island. It’s warm on Hawaii Island, so pack your summer attire.There are also guided tours of every type from bus tours and taxis to private limos.

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