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When it comes to proceeding with a divorce, couples can be cool or uncool.For some famous duos, things are settled quickly and away from the public eye.Brad is preparing for the Fourth of July parties in the glam Hamptons and you know that he has some gorgeous dish up his sleeve. When Hollywood came calling, he landed his first film doing Kim Cattrall’s make-up and went on to work with Reese Witherspoon, Gina Gershon, Sandra Bernhard, Karen Black, Billy Zane, Andrew Mc Carthy and more. MTV was his playground working with the most celebrated artists of the time from Pat Benatar to Grace Jones.

She's a mess."Another insider added, "Tom wanted nothing to do with Luann's reality TV lifestyle.They're going to have to divide them equally," celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler shared with E! "Usually men don't care about them but if he's pissed off or seeking retribution, they may fight over the wedding gifts."While Vikki is not working with Luann or Tom, the As to whether or not the divorce process will move along quickly, Vikki believes things can proceed smoothly if they keep the drama at a minimum."I think he's not going to contest it, they'll probably get it resolved very quickly," she explained. Did the prenup say she can't speak about it and neither can he?Are we really ever going to find out from their mouths what happened?Now he’s speaking out to clarify the rumors that he 1) dated Ramona Singer seriously and 2) hooked up with Sonja Morgan over a period of 10 years. There was never any chemistry.” Which begs the question, who ? But he claims it was once once, not multiple times. While Sonja is delusional (as in Unicorns flying out of one’s arse delusional) at times, she doesn’t strike me as and out and out liar.Now that Tom is happily engaged to Luann, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other what the skeletons of his past unearth. Brad Boles landed in New York in the early eighties at the height of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and worked his way up the make-up artist ladder to fame with his work being featured on the cover's of countless fashion magazines, as well as editorial spreads.Brad was the creative director for Denise Rich for 12 years as her stylist and make-up artist, as well as designing her legendary parties for such luminaries as President Clinton, Patti Labelle, Natelie Cole, and Richard Avedon.The estranged husband of Luann de Lesseps, who filed for divorce in early August after just seven months of marriage, is making headlines again after he’s caught on a date with a blonde woman who looks like his ex-girlfriend Missy.As fans know, Tom’s relationship with Missy — who appeared on this season of the Bravo show — sparked a lot of cheating suspicions when she revealed she was dating Tom after learning he was engaged to Luann.And for those wondering if Luann will receive her countess title once again, that's more of a royalty thing than a legal thing."It will be interesting to see if she takes it back because she gave it up.She needs to ask the court to legally change her name," Vikki shared with us.

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