Dating a liar a cheater and a jerk

It causes her to doubt what her body and instincts are telling her and can often lead to her becoming ill. Once a woman has confirmation of the man cheating, she actually feels better in a strange way.

Because most guys don't care as much about honesty in the same way, they think the woman is dramatizing her feelings about lies. Before she knew for certain, she felt crazy, off balance, unwell, angry and hurt.

So, women let the guy off the hook as long as resources and attention are still primarily focused on her and her kids.

And a woman he can't trust when he is away is dangerous to his survival and status.Lies from a partner make most women feel off-balance, unwell, crazy and sick to their stomachs.Most women can only relax with total transparency, openness and honesty from their intimate partner because they can half truths in their body.Women tend to be more primally territorial of a man's attention and resources.If he strays sexually, she is more apt to forgive him than he is if she strays sexually.Generally, men, on the other hand, do not have this same body reaction with truth.In fact, men and women seem to have a very different experience with honesty and lies."Dating a Liar, a Cheater, and a Jerk: 100 Reasons Why You SHOULD Take Him Back" poignantly clarifies all the reasons to offer a second chance to the highly undeserving. Why take him back when he is dishonest, unfaithful, and thoughtless? In essence, "Dating a Liar, a Cheater, and a Jerk" delivers uncomplicated and sensible advice that epitomizes an unyielding statement for women. A man who diverts time and resources away from his wife and children endangers their survival.Often, it take a pregnancy with "the other woman" for the jilted woman to end the relationship, like in the case of Jack Nicholson and John Edwards, for the women or wives to realize that family resources and attention are now actually being threatened and diverted elsewhere.

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  1. Regardless, a new report from US Weekly alleges that Rob and Dylan are already on the verge of breaking up because of the public attention their relationship has received.