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After couples have been dating for a while, comfort begins to set in.Women can be fearful of losing that security and turning away from someone who’s been an important part of their lives.There are 24 hours in a day and nobody is completely devoting all of her attention to something during all 24 of those hours.There’s always some free time to be had, and if the person in whom you are interested feels the same way, she would most definitely use some or a lot of that time on you.As in, a suitor would come across as super inconsiderate if he didn't claim to understand.

So should she invest any more time talking on the phone with him, or mulling over the situation? How about meeting someone who actually has time and wants to be with you? The next time you start to make an excuse for your boyfriend, or girlfriend, or whomever, take a step back and remember that this person is choosing to behave in a certain way – and they are responsible for their actions – and excuses.There’s always something to which a person can point.But, what that person is doing, in my opinion, is providing a convenient excuse that not only provides an easy out, but also uses an item on which every person would agree is super important.Thoughts running through her mind could be: “What if I don’t find someone as good as my ex? Isn’t it better to be with someone who I love to some extent than to be alone?” Even if a woman’s love for her boyfriend has waned, she will stay in the relationship because she still cares for him in some way.Plus, it can be pretty damn scary jumping back into the unpredictable dating pool.This excuse is similar to the one above in that it involves fear.My Interpretation: “I’ll find something to occupy my time that isn’t you, whenever you want to hang out.”Busy with what?Trying to binge-watch the entire "Breaking Bad" series? Watching endless You Tube videos while wasting time chatting with your friends on Facebook about how weird this guy is for being interested in you?My Interpretation: “There’s something in my life right now that’s important to my development and future, and I prefer to focus on it more than I want to focus on you.”School, professional career, family -- it could be a lot of things.The fact of the matter, though, is that there’s always SOMETHING important and fundamental to our development at any given point in our lives.

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