Dating very handsome men

There’s no doubt he’s going to attract a lot of female attention (think back to what you thought of him when you first saw him!

Joking aside, though, there are potentially bigger psychological problems that can come with a relationship like this.The truth is that some guys are great to look at, but not always that great to date.It’s always a mistake choosing a partner based on looks alone, incompatible personalities may mean that it’s over before you’ve even started."Business events often include a certain number of men who are looking for an extra-marital fling," says Atwood. And even if you don't meet an altruistic hottie, you've helped save a life. After you've made your deposit, hang out by the snack table and ask a light-headed cutie whether he recommends Oreos or Cheese-Its as his strength-builder of choice. You'll find a slightly geeky crowd here, but that's OK.From there, you might both decide that dinner is the best option. Guys who weren't popular in high school make excellent boyfriends. Don't go to that super-trendy night spot filled with icy women in towering heels and snarky men in shiny shirts.But even if you two are perfectly suited to each other, his stunning good looks may still cause problems…If he’s vain with his looks, then the first problem begins at home: you may well end up needing a place with two bathrooms.Sure, there are some relationships where it just works: his looks aren’t a big issue, and everything is perfect.However, for every relationship like this, there’s another relationship where his attractiveness causes problems, which can’t always easily be overcome.Are you going to be comfortable when he goes out without you, or will you be worrying about what he’s up to every time?Finally, while you may think you’re the most self-confident person in the world, this might change if you date a super-hot guy.

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