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Now in 2015 I felt TPAB (To Pimp A Butterfly) was the best album of 2015 and that album to me was about the external mental struggles with the current state of the world on K.

Dot’s psyche, DAMN is more about his world the and his success from that album on his psyche.

Get It Together is my jam, I recorded a whole podcast on it with David Brothers on it. This album feels like Syd went a little out of her comfort zone of her sound that she’s known for with The Internet and made all type of songs that work well together as an album but had a tinge more popness to them than what her fans and listeners might be used to.There was no album this to me that sounded like summer than this release.From song one until the end the album put vibes in my head of cookouts, road trips, beaches, pools, rooftops and young folks dancing and chilling.This is kind of an easy choice and one that you’ll see on just about every 2017 year-end list.Kendrick’s new album hit hard from the release of The Heart part 4 to prepare the world for the Humble’s amazing video straight to the whole project.Just great heart filled song smartest young rapper in the game. Vince put together an album that is quite different than his previous ones with elements and sounds that skew toward electronic but also from early west coast hip hop music.He has songs that feel sparse in production while others feel dense.Hov came out with an actual factual grown man album.His bars about regrets are different than the ones on early albums and now feel like those of a man 47 years of age with a wife and kids that have made mistakes. D.’s excellent production on all the tracks of the album made it clear one of the best albums of the year and one of Hov’s best in his whole catalog.Everything from her music feels authentic and felt like I was learning something while listening to that.No album made me happier to see succeed more than Goldlink’s At What Cost.

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