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Barts and Anguilla.” Lutz is no stranger to Aside from Conrad, 26, Reinhardt, known for his string of young Hollywood romances, has also courted Amanda Bynes, Paris Hilton and former Miss USA Rima Fakih.Meanwhile, Conrad’s first serious boyfriend Wahler proposed to his Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate girlfriend of a year-and-a-half, Ashley Slack, seven weeks ago, according to his Instagram. ” Wahler, who was previously engaged to USC tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski, wrote in a caption that accompanied a photo of Slack wearing her engagement ring.A source said, “Doug is dating this really, really cool girl called Whitney.She’s adorable and he’s pretty crazy about her.” “She’s a small town, really low-key and sweet, funny girl who works in pharmaceuticals and they have known each other for years,” the source continued.That's according to the always-reliable Radar Online, which reports that the couple took "their blossoming new romance" out on the town over the weekend. Lindsay Lohan claims, via Twitter, that she was punched by a waitress at L. club Voyeur early Friday."A waitress just hit me - punched me for no reason," Linds wrote around 1 a.m.We're not sure we believe this piece of celebrity gossip, as the sources are particularly weak, but Paris Hilton has allegedly been bombarding her ex with phone calls. She's distraught over reports that Doug Reinhardt, whom she dated for 14 months, is now with Miss USA Rima Fakih, and she's determined to win him back. Did Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt split up for the second time? Conventionally attractive straight white guy conventionally attractive white female lead Harrison Ford, somewhere. And although it’s a work of art and has the strong cast of The weekend of January 19th, Kanye West threw two separate VIP events celebrating the release of Damon Dash’s most recent film Honor Up, which stars Dash, new actor Daniel Dnieko, rapper Cam’Ron, Stacey Dash, and more.The popular gay men's social network / meetup site referenced in Paris Hilton's anti-gay comments has Tweeted a response ... If you missed it, Paris was secretly recorded in a cab with a gay male friend, going off on how gays are horny, disgusting and probably AIDS infected. there's a story floating around online that Doug Reinhardt co-starred in a NEW Paris Hilton sex tape.

’‘Lucky’ was an idea from one follower, and with the Pug’s paw placed conveniently on the 29-year-old’s pushed up bust, we can see why he might be lucky. that random former ballplayer guy from , is dating Miss World instead. Reinhardt has been spending "every night" for the past few weeks with Lane Lindell, a beauty queen who held the esteemed crown in '08. On Thursday, May 27, Doug was caught by a snapper shopping at the Fred Segal store with his seems to be his new girlfriend.Remember our report about Doug Reinhardt dating Miss USA Rima Fakih? She's getting a college education at the University of Georgia right now. Not bad for the latest notch on the bedpost of Doug Reinhardt ...Now being thirty, flirty, and thriving Bad Gal Ri Ri knows keeping your squad as close as family is essential. Rihanna’s girl gang can all be classified as the ultimate day-ones who are keeping our favorite queen always grounded.Here’s the rundown on Rihanna’s inner circle who partied Rihanna and I have two things in common: we were both born in February and we both just hit our 30 milestone.Doug looked relaxed in his dark long-sleeved T-shirt topped up with a cap.Meanwhile, the brunette beauty with him was wearing jeans and light purple T-shirt. Lauren Conrad‘s TV exes, Doug Reinhardt, 28, and Jason Wahler, 25, are both engaged to their girlfriends.Reinhardt popped the question to Allie Lutz, 26, according to a post on her Twitter account.

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