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You will need a subscription with Live Stream to have that of course. I love the simplicity and functionality of the app when paired with my i Phone.

I used it to stream to 2 You Tube Channels Live Stream Periscope (Twitter). It's not Android YET so don't buy it until if you don't have an i Phone. There are a few simple functions to learn but the ability to set viewing angles, pan and zoom while recording/streaming makes it feel more like recording a story than just a simple video.

it has an auto pilot mode where it pans and cuts through different angles making it look like somebody is controlling multiple cameras while it's really just the camera working on it's own.

there are times where auto pilot could be a little more accurate, and i am hoping future updates will improve it.

I recommend using wifi connection versus a phone’s network when streaming since the video is 720p and the video quality gets a little blurry if the connection is weaker than recommended.

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These live cameras show operations at the Miraflores & Gatun Locks, as well as other points of interest in the Canal.

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We’ve been involved into live cams for over a decade now, in more ways than one.

We aren't the only ones who are having this problem. If this weren't a problem, they wouldn't be selling the Mevo Boost as an add on accessrory where you can connect the camera via ethernet.

The audio quality from the built in microphone is also poor. We learned the hard way.i needed something to live stream live performances and this little camera works like a charm with the app.

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