Ip communicator error updating locale

It appears to be impossible to upgrade directly from v3.x to v8.x (probably any version prior to v6.x), I had to upgrade to v6.3 first.

It is very hard to find a copy of this the v6.3 firmware (not even on Cisco site).

Version 6.0 SIP image has been very stable for many Asterisk users.

Access to their web site requires an account be established.

Please help before I run my head through the washbasin wringer.

A guide for configuring a variety of Cisco IP Phone models (79XX series) to work with Asterisk PBX systems.

By default most Cisco Vo IP phones come configured for Call Manager, which uses the 'Skinny' protocol - SCCP.

Asterisk has 2 implementations for this channel (required for the 7910/20): However, the 7905/79/60 can be reconfigured to use SIP (recommended for use with Asterisk): The 7905 doesn't have Speakerphone (only a speaker for call monitoring or on-hook dialing), its SIP image has by far the best user interface of all cisco SIP phones, plus it's nicely compact, and the display even has a higher resolution than that of the 7960.

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