Live update not updating virus definitions

its like this, how do you rate yourself in manual testing. again he asked like what in that sense still what you have to learn in manual testing?

i said after becoming bit comfortable in manual testing then i want to into automation side like that i continued then he did not satisfied it seems he interrupted and moved to another question.

For Testcase Template check the link : I wonder we can do testing on Existing Applications only .

If the application doesn’t exist how come we do Testing.

For any application basically, you will cover all the types of test cases including functional, negative and boundary value test cases. Try writing the simple test cases as mentioned in above test case format.

Keep in mind while writing test cases that all your test cases should be simple and easy to understand. Generally, I use Excel sheets to write the basic test cases.

Bug : An Error found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the customer .

Defect : An Error found in the product itself after it is shipped to the customer.

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I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects.

In Real customers may use our application/product in their environment, hence you need to assure that your product/application works perfectly with their environment. Srikanth Testing Analysthi rajatha In some situations we have to test our application in different os platform that is also one type of requirement i.e., customer wants to use his application on two different os, at that time we have to test the application in two os environment.i think this is enough for u if u have any doubts send me to my mail id [email protected] all i am new to testing i want some help from u r s u have any notes on web testing & example test cases please send me to my mail id [email protected] always thankful to them who sent me the notes Hi Rajatha, I am really not sure what was the intent of interviewer to ask about the OS.

because ur not testing the OS your were testing the application.

because ur targets are higher than common candidates and you tend to improve and you learn continously. thank you again.thats why i thought i answered correctly except for few general questions, why i did not get any feedback till now.though we are technically good, we do mistakes like now i got my more question for that also i could not give proper answerquestion is like this,i mentioned OS as Windows 2000/XP in my profile.interviewer : why you mentioned like this. interviewer : then what is the difference that you found while testing in these 2 OS.i did not give proper answer,please tell me Tiger what i should answer for such questions.general question :being a test engineer we need to have good communication skill.

Do you know what is the difference between briyani sold on road side shop and five star hotel. how to learn to put across our ideas in a perfect and impressive to get to know to express our ideas like how you explained.please tell me.thanks a lot,@rajatha : You mentioned like Windows 2000/XP in your profile. In general in Testing, you may come across some situations that you need to Test your Application on Different Platforms and Supporting Environment.

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