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I have to be really careful with little things like leaning on a hot radiator, because my left side is numb.

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These latest figures show PIP isn’t just hurting those who’ve been moved across from the old system, but also new people who are trying to get support for the first time.

In too many cases, assessments fail to reflect the barriers people with MS face.” The DWP announced new guidelines in November that will see certain claimants of PIP receiving higher benefit rates after a court found some disabled people were not being offered enough. “Earlier this month we saw the Government rewrite some of the rules to comply with a legal ruling to make PIP fairer.

But rather than tinkering around the edges, the Government needs to review the whole system to make sure it works more effectively for those it’s designed to support.

Having MS is hard enough; it shouldn’t be made harder by a welfare system that doesn’t make sense,” she added.

Earlier this year, the charity highlighted at least £6m a year has been taken from people with MS since the introduction of PIP.

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