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The rest of the word that goes with the letter "b" was torn off, so they assume that it was supposed to be "born".At Shakespeare's birthplace, Amy and Dan realize that the word was supposed to be "buried" and are the last to arrive at Shakespeare's grave site besides Isabel Kabra, Eisenhower Holt, and Cora Wizard.Dan pretends to mess up and tears the paper apart, careful to rub just the first four lines when someone from each team asks for a rubbing.Once everyone leaves, he makes a rubbing for them but includes the last four lines, in which Shakespeare asks them to dig up his grave.However, when Isabel is about to drink it, Ned Starling bursts into the room, and she turns towards him, about to shoot him with her gun.Everyone unites and charges her, knocking the gun and the serum out of her hands.The message on the cards is, "Only together can we fight the true enemy." The secret message in the book is "The Cahills aren't the only ones looking for the Clues.The Vespers are coming." Into the Gauntlet begins as Amy and Dan Cahill enter a London hotel tired and with no lead whatsoever.

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She reveals that the serum is fake and forces them to give her all their clues to save the people they love.

Amy looks all over the Internet to find out what it means, and she is about to shout out when Nellie realizes that the Kabra coin is a bug.

She destroys it, along with three other bugs from each of the other three branches.

They then go outside to Shakespeare's grave, and Dan does a rubbing of it.

However, just as Dan finds a secret line that does not show on the tombstone, the other teams arrive.

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