Post dating invoices

Note: How to create date differences by means of analysis software like ACL can be referred to our post „ACL™ - Calculate Age“.(RFQ), which then once approved leads to an approved purchase order and after the goods are received, an invoice from the supplier.If your organization operates on a cash basis, you can post invoices at any time.Because the expense does not appear in the general ledger until the invoice is paid, the invoice posting period is not a relevant in a cash-based accounting.

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Thus orders with reviewable volume and its release can be circumvented.

In summary this means that the difference between the invoice document date and the creation date of the purchase order is the most reasonable to be looked at.

The fact of the possibility to edit this field loses impact, when clear findings prove this approach right.

So posting/entering of a purchase order can easily be determined.

On the receipt of an invoice integration to financial accounting takes place and that is why we should focus on the following crucial date fields: The question is now, on what date the generating of the order is to be compared.

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