Seinfeld two day dating rule

In addition to recurring characters, Seinfeld features numerous celebs who appear as themselves or girlfriends, boyfriends, bosses and other acquaintances.

Many actors who made guest appearances became household names later in their careers, or were already well known.

Perhaps the audience also sensed, even at the early stages of the series, that the characters' relationships were inherently doomed.He leans in for a kiss but Elaine leans away, reminding him of the rule.For Jerry it seems to have been an act of habit, empty and fleeting.It was better for the future of the show and it met audience expectations when the Jerry-Elaine relationship was dropped without mention between seasons.The two were now free to find short-lived misery with other dating relationships, and endless consolation and friendship with each other.Indeed, as far as the audience can tell, Jerry and Elaine don't have sex again until Jerry agrees to a full-fledged dating relationship with Elaine.There is nothing terribly surprising in the assumptions Seinfeld makes about gender roles in relationships.Interestingly, though NBC had pushed David to write more romance for the Jerry and Elaine characters, the audience response, at least from the audiences polled by Jerry Seinfeld during his comedy tour that summer, was that they did not want to see them together.(This is according to David on the DVD's "Inside Look" at this episode.) It's hard to know exactly why the audience was not interested in Jerry getting together with Elaine.Seinfeld was produced by Castle Rock Entertainment.In syndication, the series has been distributed by Sony Pictures Television since 2002.

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