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as forms of sex discrimination prohibited under the ECOA.” It was a good question.

Over the last several decades, courts and agencies have expanded the scope of “sex discrimination” bans to encompass both anti-trans and anti-gay discrimination.

Until 1993, companies didn't have to provide maternity leave, and many fired (and still do fire) women for being pregnant.

And in 1974, women could not own credit cards under their own names. Although Millennials have grown up with many rights previous generations were denied, we're still extremely conscious of how new so many of those are.

I'd had trouble with dizzy spells and severe nausea.

So she got it done, and when the credit card came in, it was in my father's name. Mind, at this point, she'd been working for about five years, had her name on the mortgage payment (my dad did insist on that one with the bank, she told me), and still wasn't considered credit-worthy."In 1978, my mom decided to buy herself a car.

Again, she'd been gainfully employed eight years and managed to get a couple of department credit cards in her name.

We went to this little office, where she was given paperwork to fill out and was told my father needed to sign to OK it.

She was pissed, but at this time, they blamed her lack of credit history.

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