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In fact, in 2009-2010, Ethan Dunham became a very active web font persona, offering a commercial web font service, Fontspring, and a free font service, Fontsquirrel. In his first life, he ran a free font site called 11th Floor, where he made these free typefaces in 1999: Civilization (octagonal), Plastik-Film (grungy semi-stencil), Raw (grunge), Rocket-Fuel, Timeline, Greenlight (dot matrix), Interstatic (futuristic), Handsolo, Optimum, Roswell (handwritten), Jean-Pierre (handwriting), 11th Floor (gridded).At Font Meister, he published At T-26: Alphabet2, Alphabet4, Archetype, Axis No 1, Bacchus, and Tyrnavia in 2000, and the Roman inscription inspired family Minerva Modern, Minerva Display (a Roman family) in 2002.In 2017, he published the piano key typeface Mixal. He has published type and visual communication-related articles in design&print magazines.Through Font Arte he wants to preserve Polish typographic heritage, specially Polish Avantgarde and introduce new directions in Polish type design culture.), Blearex, Hand Skript One, Smith Premier, Blue Moon, Holy Cow, Sorority Hack, Bonkers, Hot Coffee Font, Spill Milk, Brave World, Isepik, Sputnik, Brolga, Tek Stencil, Carnation, Mekanek (1995), Teknobe (1995), Merlin, Toucan Grunge (gone? ), Noel Black, Wash Me, Diesel, Orion, Gritzpop, Pesto, Battle Station, Circus Dog, Dandelion, Draft Hand, Flowerpot, Navel, Shoe String, Stiltskin, Zip Sonik. Free fonts: Font Heads (dings), Smith Premier, Vladimir, Tycho, Typewriter Oldstyle, Scare Crow, Millennia, Spill Milk, Good Dog, Holstein, Red Five. In the comic font series, look for Stan Lee (now Comic Talk), FH Excelsior (now Titlex), Grimmy (now Flim Flam), and Kirby (now Grit). Fonts created in 1999: Apple Seed, Caterpillar, Chinchilla, Chinchilla Black, Chinchilla Dots, Crow Beak, Crow Beak Light, Cyber Monkey, Dance Party, Dingle Hopper, Four Score, Four Score Titling, Hopscotch, Hopscotch Plain, Ladybug, Leaflet-Regular, Leaflet Bold, Leaflet Light, Read Out, Read Out Super, Smoothie, Swizzle, Two By Four, Very Merry.), Tycho, Typewriter Oldstyle, Mother Goose, Croissant, Democratika (now Americratika--I think Emigre forced Font Head to change the name), Noel (1996-1997, Lombardic all caps face, with an open version added), Lilla Funk (gone? Made in 2001: Butter Finger, Butter Finger Serif, Cat Scratch, Catnip, Fighter Pilot, French Roast, Handheld, Handheld Italic, Handheld Raised, Handheld Raised Italic, Handheld Round, Handheld Round Italic, Kingdom, Old Glory, Quadric, Quadric Slant. In 2006, several dingbats fonts were added, such as the Click Bits Arrow series and the Click Bits Icon series.Born in 1982, he designed these typefaces or type families: Fine (lineal), Blokus (free pixel font, 2009), Cimen (strong sans, designed for Smacl Entraide), Mesquine (lineal), Blitz, Cucha, Stencil Reverse, Huit (2009, a gorgeous didone headline face), Stenha (stencil).Fonts made in 2010: The ETH family (art deco sans).

Fonts made in 2009: FD Hustla (brush), FD Southbron (graffiti face), FD Parkway (rounded stencil). The fonts are partitioned over Intro Rust, Intro Script, Intro Head and Intro Goodies. In 2017, Plamen Motev and Svetoslav Simov co-designed Uni Neue, a total remake of Fontfabric's earler typeface Uni Sans (2009). 1979) of the octagonal stencil typeface Depot Trapharet (2006, brutalist), and of the free car rallye dingbat typeface Rallye Symbols (2008). This was followed by Ornamental Deco 2D (2010, art deco ornaments), Rally Symbols 2D (2010), Mascaron2D (2010, by Iryna Korchuk), Depot Trapharet 2d (2010, a stencil based on the tram lettering in Lviv), Ascetic 2D (2005-2010), Hutsulyandiya (2010, extraordinary ornaments by Iryna Korchuk), Simeon (2010, calligraphic), Cranked Pipe 2D (2011), Tripyllia 2D (2011, ornaments of the neolithic Trypillya culture), and Ukrainian Barokko (2010, a calligraphic typeface by Genadij Zarechnjuk), Historism Border (2011, border ornaments), Moreske 2D (2012, ornaments), Geomanticus (2012, modular squarish sans). The first typeface at 2D typo was the modular pixelish Pressure Drop 2D (2010).Adrien Midzic and Joana Correia co-designed Saya Serif FY (2015). [ During his studies at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Fedor Sorokin designed the modular Bauhaus stencil typeface Ründstük (2012) and Russian Dolls Font (2012). His gorgeous creations include the following: Font Arte (est. He taught typography at the Technical University of Warsaw and is professor of typography and design at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.At the free font cooperative Velvetyne, he published the sans typeface Lack (2014). In 2013, he published the free typeface Bodonika, a fun dada font, the result of what if Helvetica f u c k s Bodoni? 1969, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal) is the principal of Lisbon-based Feliciano Type Foundry, founded in 2001. He began work as a graphic designer for Surf Portugal magazine in 1993. 2004; ex: Magdart Fonts) is Artur Frankowski's foundry in Warsaw, launched in cooperation with Magdalena Frankowska. In 2004 he finished his Ph D thesis on legibility of type on cartographic maps.Author of Typespotting Warszawa and co-author (with Magdalena Frankowska) of a book about Henryk Berlewi, a pioneer of functional typography.He spoke at ATyp I 2005 in Helsinki on Type on maps and at ATyp I 2007 in Brighton on Designing a regional typeface.Custom typefaces by Midzic: Aquitaine (2013, for Région Aquitaine), Nilka (2013, for his personal identity), No End (2013, a fat didone), Ethon Serif (2013, a perked up serif typeface for Penguin Books), Kasai Est (2011, for the Congo-based Kasai Est Magazine), Festival De Film Documentaire (2011), Nevenka (2011, condensed sans).In 2014, Adrien Midzic, Jason Vandenberg, Jérémie Hornus, Julien Priez and Alisa Nowak co-designed the creamy script Vanilla FY. Still in 2014, Adrien Midzic, Jérémie Hornus and Alisa Nowak co-designed the very humanist sans family Saya FY and Saya Semisans FY.), who made these typefaces in 2012: Microstruct (gridded, kitchen tile face), Font Strukt Soft, Font Srukt Clean Soft, Kombinationsschrift, Gridder (a kitchen tile family: Soft, Box, Bold), Skyber, Diabolo (piano key stencil genre), fb Catbop, Hangar Shot, Hangar (army stencil), Font Strukt ( Soft), Braille Full, fb Symbols, Imagine More FB, fb Atarian, Imagine FB, Barkode, Fontstruction No1 ( Extended), Tetraminos, Structurosa Fill, fb Karakter, Minimal Export, Barkode, fb Scoreboard (dot matrix typeface for Latin and Cyrillic), Wenlock, Small Fonts, Fat Largo, Largo, Kerr, Kerr Bold, fb Mixture Unstable, Freehand, Structurosa Refined, fb Switch, fb Mixture, Vado, NES Forever, Retrotype Dot Matrix, Avant Pixel, fb Tall, Fast Money Clean, Retrotype, Retrotype Too (pixelish), Retrotype Sliced, Braille Caps, Tiger Sans (horizontally striped), Pixelface (smilie face), Karmink (star dingbats), Cofmugg ( Gap: piano key typefaces). 2005 by freelance designer Leigh Flurry, with some free and some pay fonts, specializing in the techno look. Free: FD Acorn (paino kaey face), FD Shogun, FD Hunterseeker, FD Spank, FD Tounge, FD Twinpines. [ Fontfabric is the foundry of Svetoslav Simov, a visual designer who is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, b. Highly innovative designer whose creations have lots of style and flair. Typefaces made in 2012: Nexa (a geometric sans in 16 styles), Nexa, Rex (free octagonal family for Latin and Cyrillic), Hagin (free), Intro (26-style superfamily in the Futura style) and Intro Inline (free Futura-style family for Latin and Cyrillic). Typefaces from 2015: Bronn Rust, Bronn Script and Bronn Rust Extras is a hand-crafted collection of 22 typefaces created on the coat tails of the hugely popular Nexa Rust and other typefaces in the grungy worn letterpress and layering vogue.Typefaces from 2013: Slink, Tuning Fork, Dicey (dice font), Septober, Pico Pop (kitchen tile), Plano (kitchen tile), Dolphin Sans (hairline), New English (stencil), Gadget, Curvaceous Script, Avant Pixel, Barkode, Brailled, Haus (counterless), Zapadni, Curvaceous Script, Metric (a piano key Futura-like stencil face), Mocha, Mocha Book, dm FB Solidis, Tapedeck, Gridder Bold (kitchen tile face), Modulator, Turning Fork, Zapadni (Western), Font Strukt2, Metric (piano key face), Monaco (pixel face), Blackfoot (Pac-Man style), FB Catbop, Peach Condensed, Noodle, Peach Squared, Vaquero, Haus, fb Academy Sans, Peach, Rider. Pay fonts: FD Bughug, FD Calibre, FD Childsplay, FD Dieselpower, FD Formula One, FD Knukledusta, FD Locust, FD Lungbutter, FD Mr Majestic, FD Skylarking, FD Wolfglove, FD Flurry (paperclip font). [ Marin Darmonkow is the designer at Fonteam International of Refugee (2002), K-Taj (2002), Jaxon (2002), Inahurry (2002), Fontone (2002). The roundish tightly set broad-ranged sans typeface family Panton is sure to make waves for years to come---it is the typeface for mobile devices.

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