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So for that access "Edit" menu and select option "Preferences"... and select radio button "Do not Download or install updates automatically" Thanks Cheers In my version of Reader, I had to go through the Edit menu and choose Preferences. BTW I wonder why people just go on and on moaning and whining about evil Microsoft (not that I love MS, but...) ??? A new dialog box will open which will allow you to browse to any file you want. It sounds extreme, but if above steps do not work for you and Adobe CS apps like Photoshop CS4 or Flash CS4 demand updates frequently than look for the Adobe ESDGlobal file in the \Program Data\Adobe\Updater6 folder and open it with an XML or text editor. It's faster, more features, no annoyances and works better than the Adobe Reader itself!! I have Reader 8.2 and also use Sys Internal's original Windows Process Explorer. I can close it, but it will re-appear minutes later.There, choose Updater and click on "Do not automatically donwload or install updates". Look at these Adobe nerve wrecking crappy pop-ups ... My answer is NO - they're all the same out there, just to get your money and screw you and to make you stay with their SW - updating and updating and updating their crap If you delete the file and at some point decide to update adobe will reinstall the file. Browse to any of the files mentioned here, depending on the version you have. You may also want to look in this location for all the updater files and place the path rule on each of them. Check out the Is Enabled = 1 settings in the application XML node you do not want to have on the updater’s list. You may need administrator privilages to save the changes." Add/Remove Programs 2. Acro Rd32Adobe Reader 8.2 It will self close after 10 seconds or so, and come back again and again. There is no entry in the above thread mentioned registry area (i.e. I don't feel safe when I have no control over my box.sometimes it isn't even the right time to ask me if it is OK to update. now that I have vented my frustration, again, I'd like to thank the individual who shared that. I like how you have presented your information with excellent detail.Maybe now, I won't be so apprehensive about having adobe products on my machine. Keep up the great work here and please visit by my blog sometime.When Flash Player starts, it reads its settings from this file, and uses them to manage its functionality, for e.g. Assuming a default Windows installation, Flash Player looks for the file in the following system directory: Windows (Vista, XP, 2000 and 7) %WINDIR%\System32\Macromed\Flash Note: The %WINDIR% location represents the Windows system directory, such as C:\WINDOWS.For 64-bit machines, the System directory is Sys Wow64, instead of System32.You agree to receive such updates (and permit Adobe to deliver these to you with or without your knowledge) as part of your use of the Services." That last sentence is very disturbing... Running it on one PC is the *only* application we ever saw to clog our entire corporate's internet acces. I went into the preferences thinking there would be a place to disable the updates. I don't think I would have found it had it not been for this info.

It is getting to where you don't know the good guys from the robbers anymore.

But can be used if and only if the Updates are available in case of Adobe9. imho this should be classified as malware or spamware in every antivirus program and disable it.. Adobe and delete foders Updater and ARM (ARM is not that simple to delete - you'll have delete those files one by one).

If ur Adobe is up to date u wont find Preferences option... And you'll never see those annoying icons popping up again. In the computer configuration tree, expand "windows settings" then expand "security settings" / "software restriction policies". In the right side box, right click and choose "New Path Rule".

This will require admin access to the machine you are running this on, so if you are running Windows Vista you must use an elevated command prompt.

REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader.0\Feature Lockdown" /v b Updater /d 0 /t REG_DWORD /f Good solution.... was thinking in installing a very old version of the program just to avoid that ..

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