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The other part is formed by Jainism and Buddhism, both of which were once dominant in the region and played a key role in shaping the South Indian community, its literature and culture.While little of the Buddhist heritage remains, substantial portions of the Jaina heritage have managed to make it to the 21st century.Elsewhere in India, there are film stars like Jaya Bachchan, Jayaprada, and Shatrughan Sinha who are active in politics.But the number of stars who enter politics in Tamil Nadu is higher.That is the tradition the Dravidian parties have created.

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Yet today the scattered Tamil Jain population and rich literature are evidence that the community was never really “vanquished”, and remains a part of contemporary society.My heart is touched when the world wakes up at the sight of the rising sun and I get reminded of the days when King Chera’s flag flew high on the Himalayan peaks – Lyrics from Anbe Vaa (1966) I wasn’t around in 1966, but as a child growing up in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, I have watched I just could not figure out though why the hero, the unparalleled M Gopalan Ramachandran, was singing such a song in a romantic comedy.True the film was set in Simla, so there was cause to look to the Himalayas.My grandfather, who became spellbound when MGR appeared on the silver screen, was one among the millions of die-hard MGR followers, and he remained a loyal ADMK man to his death. It led many Tamil actors to attempt the same feat, with varying levels of success, to the point that Tamil politics and films are inexorably intertwined in a way seldom seen elsewhere., the street theatre that depicted stories from the Indian epics, is a way of life for the Tamils, dating back to the Sangam period of 3rd and 4th century AD.But why was he interested so much in the rising sun?And why on earth was he wearing that red-and-black striped jacket all the time?It was much later that I came to understand that Coming from a family of ardent MGR fans, I grew up watching pretty much all MGR movies.More to the point, I got to witness the kind of sway he held over his followers.But this too has been slowly fading away over the last few centuries.This article deals with the Jaina heritage in Tamil Nadu and the efforts and challenges to conserve it.

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