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Teenage girls, social media and popularity “When you post on a social network, you’ve got to try not to get hung up on the ‘Likes’.

Of course you notice, but you have to remember that’s not all it’s about.

This is why there are many teen hotlines that offer help and counseling to help prevent these cases of suicide.

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But what does social media make your child think about themselves? Like many parents, you might be seeking help and advice in understanding this relatively new force in all our lives.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with how social media works and its influence on your child – so you can support them to use it in a healthy and positive way.

We talked to teenage girls to find out what they love and hate about social networking.

It can make you feel not good about yourself, because you think: ‘What’s wrong with me? ’ And what you have to remember is: people post their best moments. Who posts their fat pictures, or their bad hair days? They’re dull because they’re full of people just looking at their phones and taking pictures.” Olivia*, 16 Social media influences young people's sense of self(ies) “People create a false self, a fake self.

Yep, that’s right – no-one.” Hannah*, 15 Social media offers an edited version of reality “I kept seeing all these cool parties on social media websites, and I was thinking: ‘Wow, they’re just so much fun. They post all these selfies and they’ve Photoshopped them and messed around with them.

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