Updating magento

We have created an empty cd /home/mgtest/public_html/staging chmod x pear ./pear mage-setup ./pear upgrade -f magento-core/Mage_All_Latest-stable chmod x mage ./mage config-set preferred_state stable ./mage upgrade-all --force Note: please make sure that you carefully test the performance of your extensions.If you upgrade to the latest and fresh version of Magento, the chance some extensions will work with errors or conflict with each other is rising, because not all Magento extensions providers test their modules right away after the release.

To make the process more vivid we installed a shop on Magento with sample data and we are going to upgrade it to, which is the latest stable Magento version as of this writing. So if you use the instructions from this article, make sure you replace these values with your own ones.

If the careful research and testing didn’t reveal any malfunctions or you have found how to fix the errors, now it’s time to update the primary website.

As the process of upgrade and testing takes certain time, make a fresh backup copy of the primary website, because you don’t want to recover from an old backup copy and lose the latest changes.

You can now click Return to Admin and check if any new Configuration Settings for your Extension are available.

Also make sure that your online store is properly functioning and there are no errors.

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