Updating phone firmware to callmanager

A Cisco Call Manager group specifies a prioritized list of up to three Cisco Call Managers.

The first Cisco Call Manager in the list serves as the primary Cisco Call Manager for that group, and the other members of the group serve as backup Cisco Call Managers for redundancy.

Choose from the following options: •Disable—If you choose this option, devices in this device pool will not have SRST reference gateways available to them.Because you might have several device pools in your network, Cisco Call Manager Administration lets you locate specific device pools on the basis of specific criteria.Use the following procedure to locate device pools.You can delete all device pools in the window by checking the check box in the Matching records title bar and clicking Delete Selected.Step 4 From the list of records, click the Device Pool icon or name, the Call Manager Group, the Region, or the Date/Time Group that matches your search criteria.Related Topics •Finding a Device Pool •Adding a Device Pool •Deleting a Device Pool •Device Pool Configuration Settings This section describes how to delete a device pool from the Cisco Call Manager database.Before You Begin You cannot delete a device pool if it has any devices assigned to it, if it is used for Device Defaults configuration, or if it is the only device pool in the database.After adding a new device pool to the database, you can use it to configure devices such as Cisco IP Phones, gateways, conference bridges, transcoders, media termination points, voice-mail ports, CTI route points, and so on. See the "Adding an SRST Reference" section on page 12-3. See the "Adding a Media Resource Group List" section on page 38-4. See the "Configuring Music On Hold Audio Sources" section in the .Before You Begin Before configuring a device pool, you must configure the following items if you want to choose them for the device pool: •Cisco Call Manager group (required). •Calling search space for auto-registration (optional). See the "Adding a Calling Search Space" section on page 19-3.See the "Adding a Cisco Call Manager Group" section. See the "Adding a Date/Time Group" section on page 5-4. •Softkey templates if you are not using the standard softkey templates that are provided with Cisco Call Manager (optional).See the "Adding Nonstandard Softkey Templates" section on page 60-4. Step 2 Use one of the following methods to add a device pool: •If a device pool already exists with settings that are similar to the one that you want to add, choose the existing device pool to display its settings, click Copy, and modify the settings as needed.

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