Who was big papa that kim was dating

Just going over there, and Todd and Sarah [Palin] sitting there staring at me, doesn't do it for me. Sarah's...a politician: She knows how to throw in a fake smile and look happy...

I know that her parents didn't want us together..they probably put a little pressure on her.

But at the same time, they told us they wanted us to get married when they found out Bristol was pregnant...

(Photo Credit: GIPHY) Big Poppa — whose real name is Lee Najjar — is the successful real estate manager behind Kim's lavish way of life pre-Kroy.

Lee paid for her Range Rover and allegedly, her townhouse, as well as tons of other expensive gifts throughout Season 1 and 2 of the show.

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Not much is known about the OG Kim, aka Kimberly Najjar, though according to Lee's Instagram, it appears the couple is still together. (Photo Credit: Instagram) Yes, Kimberly and Lee Najjar have two children together — Katelin Najjar, who is now a blogger with a decent social media following, and Jeremy Najjar.One source says Kim hopes her coming out is part of the next season of Bravo's hit reality show. The source tells me she has yet to sign her new contract. She's an internationally known DJ who has not only produced remixes for singers like Madonna but was also the DJ at Madge's wedding to Guy Ritchie in Scotland.Another source says some Bravo executives feel Kim decided to "become gay" because having a juicy storyline could help her in negotiations. She has also provided the tunes at soirees hosted by Cher, Lenny Kravitz and Ricky Martin and has released eight albums of party music.In 2009, the Najjar family was featured on an episode of in which Lee Najjar showed off his lavish lifestyle.The glorified house tour revealed that Big Poppa and his wife Kim (Najjar) have two separate televisions installed under the canopy of their king-size bed, that Lee bought his daughter Katelin the same white Range Rover he bought Kim Zolciak, and that he had his own room called the "gentleman's pub." The mansion also featured an in-house salon, home theater, music studio, and an outdoor living room space equipped with a Hibachi stovetop. (Photo Credit: MTV) "We didn't mean to make it this luxurious house or be better than anybody else. Just because we've accomplished this doesn't put us above anybody.Kim Zolciak Will Be Tardy For The L Word Party: Despite a report by Us Weekly claiming that “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Kim Zolciak is dating a woman (DJ Tracy Young) the wig-wearing reality starlet told X17 that she’s not, in fact, dating ladies now. I take pictures with a lot of girls,” she said in video posted on X17 on Tuesday.When asked if she was still with Big Papa, she said, “Yeah, I’ve had the same ring for a year.“So the ladies may have to be careful with their long trains, tight dresses and heels.Obviously, we do not want any slip-ups.” Might we suggest a pair of nice sensible flats? : One of Hollywood’s cutest dad/daughter duos, Cam Gigandet and daughter Everleigh, brought their uber-adorableness out on Tuesday for lunch at Toast Bakery and Café in West Hollywood, Calif.But we all know Diddy’s not gonna give me his Lamborghini. “I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.” Don’t be fooled by the movies, or photo shoot faces she makes on the red carpet people! : The stage at the Kodak Theatre for Sunday’s Oscars could be a danger zone for winners working the super high heels.“The stage will be raised higher, which means more steps to accept your awards,” Oscar scriptwriter Bruce Vilanch told the New York Post’s Page Six.

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